Skeleton Keys

Adventure 1.3: Raven Roost Part 3

The creature was quickly recognized as a Shadar’kai, one of the Shadowfell servants of the Raven Queen. After a fierce battle, she was pressed against one of the room’s large windows, which broke, letting her fall through. As she fell, Alexi attempted to grab her cloak, which tore, causing a Wand of Ray of Frost to fall out of a pocket and be caught on the edge of the broken window. Merric carefully picked it up, and the party headed into the manor’s kitchen.

Two more cooks huddled in the corner as the party crossed the room. Luci heard voices through a door on the far end of the room, and Aleiden climbed out a window and crashed through another, catching the two bandits inside by surprise. They were quickly dispatched, and the two cooks activated a secret stairway to escape.

The party followed them up, and after passing through an alchemy room, got into a fight with two more Shadar’kai, one wielding a greatsword (Gloomblade) and the other a spiked chain (Chainfighter). The party quickly notices a gem in the hilt of the greatsword, and surmise that it must be the keystone they are searching for! After slaying the Gloomblade, Alexi and Akdor tag-teamed with his greatsword, fighting the Chainfighter. The Shadar’kai danced away, but Akdor charged him with the sword, running him through. All the light seemed to be sucked into the gem in the sword’s hilt, and the room dimmed for a split-second. When the light returned, Akdor and the Shadar’kai were gone, but the gem remained.



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