Skeleton Keys

Adventure 1.2: Raven Roost Part 2

The party climbed the entrance hall’s stairs, and quickly dispatched the sleeping guard at the top. Taking his halberd, they returned to the ground floor and again tried to open the door, without success.

Again climbing to the second level of the manor, they broke into a lounge and tied up the sleeping bandits there. Two of them escaped their bonds and were easily defeated by the adventurers.

Luci attempted to sneak up on the guard in the next room, but was noticed. A fierce but quick battle ensued, and the guard and two other bandits were killed.

Advancing into a large dining room, the adventurers began questioning the cooks, who were cleaning up after a meal, about the whereabouts of the sword their other informer had told them about. As he was about to tell them about a supposed secret exit used by the bandit bosses, a strange humanoid appeared and killed him.

The creature began to taunt the PCs, and the conversation quickly escalated into a battle.



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